as promised

corner of 17th and K

Farragut Square

snow on the west lawn of the Capitol

the Capitol Christmas tree

Blurry picture of the little village outside the Botanical Gardens. Apparently there’s a train that runs through and around it.

Don’t hate on my photo skills…it was cold!

I went to the Capitol Christmas Tree lighting last night. I missed the actual lighting ceremony, but was at the Botanical Gardens for the reception afterwards. The entire Vermont delegation was there (I did NOT point out to anyone that Christmas trees from North Carolina are inherently superior,) including Jim Jeffords, who sat on the bench next to mine as I guzzled some sort of maple bourbon concoction.

Having lived in DC for a bit, I pride myself on an ability to distinguish the crappy gift bags from the good ones. In this case, open bar + Hill detritus + real silverware and plates= B+ gift bag. I would have given it an A had Cabot sprung for a nice block of sharp cheddar, but freeloaders can’t be choosers I suppose.


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