the wedding, part 2

So onto the actual wedding. It was LOVELY. (the background- Shmee and I are friends with VT. VT went to college/lived in DC post-college with John, the groom, and that’s how we all became friends)

This is where it was- Tappan Hill, a house that apparently used to belong to Mark Twain.

VT’s bowtie was crooked, and Shmee and I spent about 15 minutes trying to fix it. Then we took a picture so he could see.

We arrived at about 3, the ceremony started at 3:30…and we were done at 4:00. Perfect. There were two parts of the wedding in particular, involving the rabbi using the words “urbane” and “cranky” that cracked us up. Everyone was silent except for our little corner, where Shmee, our friend J and I were snickering loudly.

At 4:00, everyone adjourned upstairs for my favorite part of the day- cocktail hour! I discovered that with the exception of VT (who was in the wedding) and Shmee, his “date,” my friends and I were all seated at table 9, affectionately known as the “DC Riffraff Table.”

We all hit the bar pretty hard, as did everyone else, and then we all floated downstairs for dinner. We started with a toast, then moved onto a 4 course plus wedding cake dinner. In between each course, someone would give a toast, and we would all get up and dance. Since John and Alison are not black, the band did not play the Electric Slide, which made me sad. The singer also didn’t know “Proud Mary,” which was a shame, as Shmee, J, and I had a fantastic dance number planned. I would also like to take this time to note that through complete circumstance, we were all wearing the same nail polish. J’s boyfriend asked her if she was emo.

The best toast of the evening came from one of the groom’s 2 younger brothers. The eldest of the two, a guy who wears ascots and smoking jackets not to be ironic, but because that’s how he rolls, is in Tanzania with the Peace Corps, and couldn’t come back for the wedding. So he sent an e-mail, and the other brother stood next to a cutout of him and read it out loud. Priceless.

I noticed that all of my pictures stop about halfway through dinner. I drank champagne all afternoon/evening, and took my drink with me from the cocktail reception to dinner (as did everyone else.) At the table, everyone had a champagne flute for the toasts. This means I had two flutes. Our waiter deemed it necessary to refill both of them simultaneously. I think this is why my pictures all stop at about 7:30.

All of the merry making adjourned at 9:00, and we all went back to the hotel, had a power nap, and began the after party. Highlights:
– drinking champagne in the wedding suite until the newly minted couple kicked us out.
– adjourning to the hotel bar, where VT would later lose his tux jacket
– upon shutting down the hotel bar, adjourning to someone else’s room, where more champagne (yes) and a case of bud light (ugh) appeared
– physically putting VT to bed
– arriving back to the room with Shmee, deciding to order pizza, then passing out before it came
– waking up to a 9:00 am call from VT, wondering where his tux jacket is
– waking up around 10:00, hungover beyond belief, to a disgusting looking half pepperoni, half onion pizza in a box in the floor.

Shmee and I got ourselves together, and joined VT on the train back into the city. He stayed for New Year’s. I was supposed to, but seeing as I still had no clothes, I joined Shmee on the Washington Deluxe and we schlepped ourselves back on to the District.

30 minute ceremony, followed by 5 hours of partying. I think this might be the gold standard of weddings.


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  1. Really was a link to the CVS nail polish necessary? Couldn’t the informed reader infer that is was black nail polish by the emo comment? Stop showing off you hyperlinking abilities, its just tacky

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