So I’ve been sick, I think since I got back from the wedding. But I didn’t start to feel really bad until Friday. I went home, took a nap, then headed over to Ace’s to catch up on some Project Runway and have Thai. (I like to self-medicate with spicy food when I feel a cold or the flu coming on.) There were 2 other places I was supposed to be last night, but I flaked and went home to sleep and prepare for the birthday party from hell.

Anyways, I decided, since I was already here, to stay at my grandparent’s for the night. After all, being sick on a couch in front of a 42″ flat screen beats being sick on a couch with an asshole roommate any day, especially during the playoffs.

Every now and then, I come out here, to my grandparents’, and sort of drop off the face of the earth for the weekend or for a few hours. It’s sort of rejuvenating, but at the same time, I miss out on the general weekend craziness. What makes coming back even better though, is that I inevitable recieve messages from people wondering what’s happened. I got this one from VT, who I flaked on (we were supposed to go to Red Derby) Friday night:

“Figured u were sick. Was gonna invite u over so u could max out on my couch & tv. U gonna make it over 4 the game tomorrow?”

And this one from Carolina, who I haven’t hung out with in quite some time, despite the fact that we live in the same house. (I think he was also excited about the actual Carolina team blowing out NC state earlier today.)

Carolina: where you at?
Carolina: and i’m sorry you’re sick!
Carolina: what’s wrong?
Carolina: come home and we’ll bake for you

Call me shallow, but it makes me feel loved.


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