dispatches from restaurant week

No, I’m not ignoring it. It’s just that…having been on both sides of the table during RW, I think it’s kind of a wash. Most of the places where you could get dinner or lunch for $20 or $30 (or close to it) go all out, while those places with higher price points tend to give you shitty menus with sneaky upcharges and substandard service. I’ve had some good experiences though- Kaz Sushi on Monday (which I’ll be posting about later) and Viridian, Rasika, and PS7 this summer.

I have a good friend, ConstantTraveler (CT), who is a vegetarian. So RW always presents a bit of a challenge for her- incidentally, one of the good RW experiences I had was this past summer, with her, having lunch at PS7. I’ll leave my rant about too many restaurants trying to pass off crappy plates of pasta primavera and roasted vegetables as vegetarian “entrees” for another time. She and I were chatting today, and she came back with 2 great reviews that I thought I’d share (hyperlinks added)

CT: So, I will have some good rest. week stories for you

do tell
CT: just two about being a vegetarian and getting treated really well
1. randomly had a work lunch at McCormick and schmick’s
that we didn’t know was rest. week
me: yaaay
do tell
i’ll blog about them
CT: and they didn’t have any veggie entrees but i wanted dessert, so i asked what they could do

and he was really nice and said a pasta something
and i was just like, whatever you can do i will eat
so i got a nice plain pasta thing with veggies and marinara, which was fine
then when he came out to tell people about dessert
since i “hadn’t gotten the full rest. week experience” i got to pick any dessert i wanted off the menu
me: nice!
that’s fantastic!
CT: 2. dinner at Firefly last night with the boy
it was so great, i was so surprised
they didn’t have to do that at all, really went above and beyond
so dinner, the only veggie entree they had was “spinach and onion casserole” ew
but i ordered it because i didn’t have a choice and didn’t want to be a pain
and was kinda still full from my unexpectedly large lunch
so it came and it was indeed ew
so i didn’t really eat much
me: boo
CT: and instead nibbled on the extra caramelized brussel sprouts we ordered
and was totally fine
i wanted to save room for dessert anyway
but when the busboy took the plate away i had literally taken like two bites
within 45 second the manager was at our table asking if everything was ok
i was like yes, everything is fine, i just honestly didn’t really care for it, but everything else was good, i’m a vegetarian so i’m not picky, no worries
when we got the bill, they had only charged me half price for my meal
me: wow
that’s great!
CT: I know! totally unexpected and awesome
between that and the fact that the rest of the food was amazing
(the boy loved everything he ate)
i would definitely recommend there
me: sadie and i had lunch there a few months ago
during the summer
it was decent
CT: nice
it’s one of those places i’ve never been but always walked past
also having dinner at Vidalia on saturday
will report back after that
also had dinner at Georgia Brown’s on monday, nothing exceptional
me: mmm, i love vidalia
and i’m always less than impressed with georgia brown
CT: I will prolly never go back
(too many other places to try)
but this is definitely my week of southern food
me: hahahha

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