Wednesday Food Roundup

OCD Diners [NY Times]
Ernesto Illy dead; your espresso will never taste the same [NY Times]
Plastic Bags are SO 2007 [WaPo]
Lentil love [WaPo]
Neighborhood Restaurant group has big plans for Dakota Cowgirl [WaPo]
An Ode to mac and cheese….[WaPo]
CakeLove opens in B-more [Baltimore Sun]
Parchment paper truly is a glorious thing [LA Times]
Oregon Pinot Gris is even better [LA Times]

And in other, purely unrelated news,
– I’ve decided Lewis Hamilton is my new obscure celebrity crush.
– I will be invading enemy territory here tonight, watching these guys whip up on Carolina. Look out for those elbows, Tyler. Welcome back Dickie V!


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