mmm, pierogies




I bought some pierogies at the farmer’s market last week. And I finally got around to eating them last night, while watching “Who’s that Girl?” (best 80’s/Madonna movie EVER). And I have to say, not only are they delicious, but I might have invented the best pierogi eating recipe ever.

Please hold your applause.

So, these pierogies are not like the Mrs. T’s variety. the pasta itself is much thinner, and the’re massive (slightly smaller than a clementine). The guy who sold them to me said they wouldn’t hold up well to boiling, but that I could sautée them. So, I dumped them in my trusty cast-iron skillet with some olive oil and butter.

Then I got worried. The pierogies were frozen, and it soon became obvious that I was going to burn them before the insides thawed. What to do, what to do…

(/struck by lightening) I know! Potatoes+beer+cheese= yum. I’ll dump some beer into the pan and cover it and steam the suckers.

Only the only beer I had on hand was some Kasteel Rouge, a Belgian beer with cherries. It’s delicious, don’t get me wrong, but a little on the sweet side. I figured I’d take my chances though. If nothing else, it would help steam the pierogies, taste better than water (I didn’t even have any stock in the house…I know, I’m sad), and if all else failed, I still had doughy pockets of goat cheese and garlic potato-y goodness to eat in front of my favorite 80’s movie. So in it went.

After about 15 minutes of covered bubbling, I lifted my improvised lid, and fished out the pierogies, which left me with a significant amount of warm beer with bits of cheese and browned pierogies plus the butter/olive oil from earlier. Again, I went out on a lark, and decided to scrape up all the browned bits, add some balsamic to temper the sweetness, and reduce the crap out of it and dump it on my pierogies.

Sweet mother of Elmo, was it good.

I don’t know what happened in that pan, but everything combined into this glorious gravy like substance, with just a hint of cherry. I could have ingested a gravy boat full. I could have bathed in it. If I wanted kids, I would have named one of them “AccidentalPierogiCherryGravy.”

Now, photogenic, this dish is not.

But in case you couldn’t tell, I enjoyed the HELL out of it.


One response to “mmm, pierogies

  1. Nobody is that polite so you must have enjoyed the stuffing out of your pierogies.

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