brunch, burgers, and exploding manhole covers.

Here’s what’s going on in my world today…
– Irony: Friend comes over because hot water in friend’s apartment goes out. Five minutes before friend arrives, my power goes out. Added bonus: someone’s car was torched in the process. The power was STILL off when I left this morning.
Proof that March Madness should be a national holiday.
Gina won the Best Martini competition last night. Shame on you for not being there, OrderedChaos was. More on that later today.
Playboy’s 10 best burgers. Compare with GQ’s 20 best list. I hope to eat all of these before I die. Of a heart attack. With bacon.
– Courtesy of the New Yorker, the history of the “everything” bagel, my personal favorite in bagel sandwich choices.

Speaking of burgers, Ace and I had Sunday brunch at Annie’s this past Sunday. We were originally going to go for doughnuts, but on the walk to Krispy Kreme, Ace pointed out that he needed some bacon.

Disaster ensued.

Maybe not disaster. But we both left feeling a little lightheaded. 3/4 lb bacon cheeseburger with home fries will do that to you I suppose. (Please note the giant tub of mayo on the side of my plate.)

Especially when combined with a big, crappy margarita and lots of coffee. Oops.

Side note: Merriam-Webster Word of the Day yesterday was “wooden.” As in, made of wood.

Really? That’s the best you have to offer?


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