Mommy, where does the Thanksgiving turkey come from?

This is making it’s way around the interwebs. Which led to the following conversation:

me: did you know that those turkeys are so stupid that they drown in the rain
no joke
also, this is amazing
Lou: what?
that’s weird
me: yes
they’re stupid
unbelievably stupid
also, this is amazing:
Lou: how do they survive?
Lou: oh yea i did read that
me: they’re in factory farms, so it doesn’t matter
they never get to go outside
they also can’t fly
or have turkey sex
Lou: oooo ok
aw no turkey sex!
Lou: do turkeys even have sex?
Lou: i googled
apparently they do
me: hahahahah
Lou: male turkeys have a “penis equivalent”
me: hahahahaah
i’m SO glad that you googled turkey sex
Lou: and i saw some canary sex on youtube
i’m a thorough investigator

I am not linking to the the canary sex. So don’t ask.

Also, as part of my never ending love of and devotion to Charles Barkley, eat the head.
UPDATE: Serious Eats has the uncensored turkey footage.

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