Cosmos Club


Had dinner last night with VT, his mom and some of his family. At the Cosmos Club.

I love the Cosmos Club because it reminds me of when Lou and I go to the country club back home- I am the only black person there not serving food, and everyone except for the people I’m with looks really confused.

VT had red lentil soup, filet mignon (med rare), and mixed berries for dessert. I had a cranberry and walnut salad and “New Orleans Grilled Mahi-Mahi” with “southern style risotto with beans.” In case you were wondering, “southern style risotto with beans” is Cosmos-speak for red beans and rice. At any rate, it was delicious. My vodka gimlet was not so great, however.

Other dishes around the table included a cold poached lobster salad, complete with the lobster’s head and tail perched on the plate, sauteed cod, and key lime pie.

Good night, but walking home, I realized I should listen to ADM and wear tights.

(BTW, I know you’re all waiting for updates from the party and thanksgiving.   Still working on it.)


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