Good Stuff Eatery

I met Spike at the RAMMYs this past June.  He seemed like kind of a douche, just like on the show.  So I wasn’t sure what to expect from Good Stuff Eatery, especially considering their annoying propensity for useless PDFs.  Far be it from me to turn down a good burger though.

Ace and I made the trip down to the Hill for Good Stuff last Friday.  I ordered something called a “Big Stuff Bacon Meltdown” and Chef Spike’s fries- at least, that’s what I think they were called.  My burger had what i refer to as secret bacon- I bit in and sandwiched between the two patties….BACON!


Ace went for some sort of chiliburger, with sour cream on top.


While living in Edinburgh for a semester (and gaining about 15-20 lbs), I discovered an affinity for two things- jacket potato shops and fries with mayo.  GSE offers four kinds of flavored mayo.

good-stuff_mayoFrom the left, Old Bay (x2), Chipotle, Mango, and Sriracha

Overall I’d say it was a great, although rather expensive experience.  Also, GSE is located where PULP used to be, and I miss it.  Between this and the new Matchbox though, I guess I picked the wrong time to move from Eastern Market.

the-wreckageThe only thing left was a half an order of fries.  And I didn’t even have a milkshake.


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