One of my roommates asked me just now if I had recently cleaned my cast iron skillet.  Or, as he called it, “the iron thing”.  He asked because he said he likes to wipe it out, for “dust reasons” if it hadn’t been cleaned recently.  I find this to be a hilarious inquiry, because this is the same roommate who

1) cleans out the bathroom once a semester, and feels that is perfectly acceptable.  I repeat, that means the bathroom is cleaned two, maybe three times a year.

2) just before asking me that ridiculous question, he took down his rice cooker.  WHICH HAD RICE LEFT IN IT FROM THE LAST TIME HE COOKED. WHICH WAS AT LEAST A WEEK AGO. That’s right, my cleanliness is being called into question by someone who left rice sitting in the rice cooker on top of the cabinets for days.

The irony.

Anyway, getting back to the title of the post, I made lasagna tonight.  I love lasagna, because I love tomato sauce, because it’s a great clean out the fridge meal.  I try to keep crushed tomatoes around, and I usually toss in whatever vegetables (in this case, an onion, some garlic, and half an orange bell pepper) I have around.  I happened to have mozzarella in the fridge, leftover from pizza last week.


Voila!  Also, it gave me a reason to whip out my lovely little Le Creuset baking dishes again.


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