peasphoto: Flickr user Gaetan Lee

I am in the midst of a love affair with frozen peas.  They are tiny and green and delicious, which is really all you can ask for in a food.  And they are available year round- a little dose of spring while the snow melts in my backyard.

I worked late today, and after the fiasco that was yesterday (late night, home at ten, ended up eating a giant cheeseburger at 11:30…), I came home today looking for something a bit greener and lighter.  Also, I forgot to go to the gym, so I figured my penance should be extra vegetables.  That’s where the kitchn comes in.  The folks over there have never steered me wrong.  It’s one of my favorite blogs- I love the whole Apartment Therapy site.

The Kitchn is also responsible for one of my all time favorite quick and easy fall back recipes: lemony ricotta pasta with basil.  I made this with fresh basil from my mom’s garden last summer, for one of the impromptu dinner parties that always seem to take place when I’m at home in North Carolina.  Tonight however, there was not a bit of fresh basil in sight (although my Cuban oregano is barely hanging on, sitting in the living room on top of the TV, next to Bob the fish.  Or Fish the fish.  I forget what his/her name is.)


Which brings me back to the peas.  I wanted something fresh and green, something a little sweet, to play off against the lemon.  So, I reached for the frozen “petit peas” I picked up in advance of the snowpacalypse last weekend.  Dump them in with the pasta as it finishes cooking, drain, and you’re all set.

The best part?  It makes just enough for dinner one night, lunch the next, plus a quart to leave with your neighbor, who also worked late…


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