chicken tikka part 2

My mother LOVES Indian food.  I love Cooks Illustrated.  My friends love coming over to eat.  I love being home.

All this means that a few weeks ago, while on the road for work, I had the chance to spend 2 weekends in a row with my mother, the second of which, Lou happened to be in town along with my friend Adam, who lives nearby.  So of course, we had a dinner party.  Because it’s not entertaining if there’s no food.  Also, it gives my mother a chance to break out her table load of napkins, glasses, placemats and the like.  Please note the zebra print.  My mother is CUTTING EDGE.

We had the Cooks Illustrated Chicken Tikka Masala with cilantro rice and cabbage that my mom made mostly for herself, but that we quickly devoured (Lou even called and asked me for the recipe a few days later- it’s just cabbage and carrots , shredded with a tiny pinch of sugar and lots of black pepper.  That’s it.)

Mostly I just wanted an excuse to post this super sweet picture of my mom’s table.  Because honestly, don’t you wish you had been there?


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