Weekly Links 6.12.09

Melissa McCart on restaurant sourcing. [WaPo]

I’ve been taking note of cherry trees, peach trees and blueberry bushes on my walks around the ‘hood.  Someone even has squash that just so happens to grow onto the sidewalk.  Bring on the foraging! [NY Times]

I will be making a stop here while I’m in South Carolina next month [NY Times]

Recession “flexitarianism”: I have to admit, I usually eat meat when I’m out, but I don’t cook it a lot at home.  It’s just so much easier to thrown some peas and cheese in with pasta and call it a day.  [Gourmet]

Speaking of which, Kim O’Donnel loves peas as much as I do. [WaPo]

The Atlantic sez you must see Food Inc. [Atlantic Food]

I keep promising LT3 strawberry shortcake.  Maybe he’ll settle for dumplings instead? [Bitten Word]

The answer to all those hard to find groceries [Serious Eats]

Indeed, can you patent a chocolate bunny?  I should point out that this is Gina’s nickname for me.  [WSJ via Atlantic Food’s Twitter]

Non Food:

The American Prospect has a great series on women and work. [American Prospect]

Echidnas! [NY Times]


I am will be at the market on Saturday, as usual, but immediately after, I’m headed to NC to see my dog and my mom, eat a lot of lovely things, and see the Divine Ms. M.


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