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I’m moving, taking a wider scope, and packing my bags for  Someday, I will migrate over the archives.


food for thought: 10.09.09

It’s been quite the week:

This actually made me feel good, as I read it while eating a delicous burger from Garden Path Farms, the Amish meat guys at the H Street Freshfarm Market. [NY Times]

Ben Ali passed. [14th and You, DCist, Serious Easts, slashfood, Washington Post Obits]  On a side note, yes, the Washington Post has an obit twitter feed, which seems a little bizarre/morbid.

Gourmet is dead.  But you can help save it here.  Also, follow Ruth Reichl on Twitter.  [NY Times]

Christpher Kimball’s editorial provoked a lot of responses from the interwebs, among them Ed Levine of Serious Eats.  You can find Kimball’s rebuttal to the blowback on his blog.  [NY Times, Serious Eats, Christopher Kimball blog]


Also, happy birthday to Guillermo del Toro, director of one of my favorite movies, Pan’s Labyrinth.

current rotation

Back at the last Food Blogger happy hour, I was asked for my go-to list of restaurants.  Here is my current rotation, in no particular order:

1. Red Rocks/Pete’s Apizza: Close to home, great pizza.  I prefer Pete’s if I’m not in the mood to sit and eat, Red Rocks if I am.

2. Commonwealth: two words- Welsh rarebit.  Also, I once had an arguement with a bartender here over what constitutes a snakebite.  Made me like him more.

3. PS 7’s: Call me a homer, as I’m lucky enough to count Gina and Frank as friends, but I love this place.  The drinks are spectacular, I always have a good time, and Chef Peter Smith consistently turns out amazing food.  Oxtail tots and cheesecake lollipops FTW!  And did I mention the bacon biscuts?  And the pickled…everything?  Ooh, and the burger in the lounge…

4. Matchbox: I will never tire of their cinnamon rolls, spicy meatball pizza, and pear salad.  The day the location on the Hill opened, I cried a little, as I used to live around the corner from it.

5. Marvin: Dinner is meh, but it’s always a good place for a couple of beers, and I will cut you over the biscuit with sausage gravy for brunch.  DO NOT go on the weekends however, it’s overrun by the Local 16 crowd.


Of course, more often then not, I like to eat at my house.  But you’ll have to work to get an invite to that table.  Or I have to meet you mattress shopping at Macy’s.

Reading list 9.9.09

Some things I’ve come across…

Apartment Therapy has a round-up of the Nation‘s food issue [the Kitchn]

South Carolina is using oyster shells…to make more oysters. [Slashfood]

I will now be the 34,987th person to talk about the White House farmers Market. [Atlantic Food Channel]

Apparently ground flax seeds make a good substitute for eggs. [The Kitchn]

If you’re not reading Barry Estabrook’s “Politics of the Plate” on, you should be.   This post covers fish farming in the Gulf of Mexico. [Gourmet]

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where i’ve been

Hi Kids-

Will continue to post longer pieces here, but for a blow-by-blow of where I’m eating and what I’m doing, follow me on Twitter, or Tumblr


kiss kiss

series of liquids

Life as a series of liquids. I wish I could get prints of this.  I would frame them and hang them in my kitchen.  [Matt Armendariz via Melissa McCart and IFA]

Weekly Links 6.12.09

Melissa McCart on restaurant sourcing. [WaPo]

I’ve been taking note of cherry trees, peach trees and blueberry bushes on my walks around the ‘hood.  Someone even has squash that just so happens to grow onto the sidewalk.  Bring on the foraging! [NY Times]

I will be making a stop here while I’m in South Carolina next month [NY Times]

Recession “flexitarianism”: I have to admit, I usually eat meat when I’m out, but I don’t cook it a lot at home.  It’s just so much easier to thrown some peas and cheese in with pasta and call it a day.  [Gourmet]

Speaking of which, Kim O’Donnel loves peas as much as I do. [WaPo]

The Atlantic sez you must see Food Inc. [Atlantic Food]

I keep promising LT3 strawberry shortcake.  Maybe he’ll settle for dumplings instead? [Bitten Word]

The answer to all those hard to find groceries [Serious Eats]

Indeed, can you patent a chocolate bunny?  I should point out that this is Gina’s nickname for me.  [WSJ via Atlantic Food’s Twitter]

Non Food:

The American Prospect has a great series on women and work. [American Prospect]

Echidnas! [NY Times]


I am will be at the market on Saturday, as usual, but immediately after, I’m headed to NC to see my dog and my mom, eat a lot of lovely things, and see the Divine Ms. M.